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with Easy Bill Payments and International Recharges.​

Experience the simplicity and security of our streamlined payment service for your utility bills. With just a tap, you can swiftly settle your dues and continue your day with a smile,

Work organization

Graphical Insights: Visualize spending patterns through clear graphs and charts to better understand your financial behavior.

Data analytics

Quick Payments: Make swift and hassle-free payments with just a few taps on your phone, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.

Bill Management
One-Click Recharge
Transaction Records

Transaction Records

Access a detailed record of all recharges, payments and, helping you manage and track your expenses

Key Features of Our Mobile Payment Application

01 Expense Analysis

Effortlessly track and analyze your spending with our mobile payment app's instant updates, visual graphs, budget alerts, and a full transaction history, all at your fingertips.

02 Transaction and Payments

Pay swiftly and securely with our mobile app, get instant transaction alerts, and view a detailed history for full control over your finances.

03 bills

Handle all your bills in one app with easy management, timely reminders, direct payment options, and a clear history for effortless financial oversight.

04 International Recharge Management

Easily manage international recharges with our app's multi-provider support, balance monitoring, detailed transaction records, and one-click top-up feature.

Utility Payments

Effortlessly manage and pay your utility bills through Mkank. From the comfort of your home, settle your electricity, water, and other services in moments. Make it a worry-free routine with our app. Pay bills now

QR Payments

Embrace the ease of QR code payments. Scan, pay, and be on your way. Ideal for retail, dining, or any QR-enabled merchant – it’s the ultimate contactless payment solution. Pay with QR

Education Payments

Simplify tuition fee payment with a few taps in the Mkank app. Education costs are manageable when you can pay directly - anytime, anywhere. Set up for the semester and focus on the learning journey, not the fees. Pay now

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Your Financial Safety, Our Top Priority

Mn Makank is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of security for your financial activities


Utilizing top-tier encryption protocols, we ensure your personal and transaction data remains protected


Our registration process incorporates state-of-the-art identity verification technology to establish and maintain the security of your account.


We adhere strictly to global financial security standards, providing a secure and compliant environment for all your transactions.


our privacy is of paramount importance to us. We treat your personal information with the highest degree of confidentiality and will not share your data without your explicit consent.