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Why DAL is the best option

We have the knowledge and the experience to design and manufacture several PCBs from simple to complex architectures. Our engineers are capable to provide tailored hardware to meet customer’s demand.

IOT Consulting

Either in an Industrial or Consumer oriented project, we will help you to evaluate the technical feasibility for your business-case, create a product road-map and select the best stack of technologies for your product .

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Design for Manufacturing

We use Design for Manufacturing (DFM) design practice to design components, products or parts to build an excellent product at a lower cost.

Prototyping Services

We can prototype your IOT use case, collect and visualize data during the early research phase and help you to build a strong business case to get buy-in needed to industrialize your solution.

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Firmware Development

A key component of a connected device is the software that the microcontroller or microprocessor will run.We select the platforms or SDKs that will best fit your product development cycle depending on factors as memory constraints, power consumption, libraries support and type of connectivity.


Increase efficiency by automating

To achieve the highest levels of efficiency, we automate production processes with custom manufacturing apps

Improve the flow of information

With solutions designed specifically for you, you can improve the flow of information and, as a result, the coordination between different departments

Reduce operational cost

Use new technologies to cut down operational costs